We always make sure that your ordered products are sent to you without any damage. However, In case of any unknown circumstances with the courier, the damages might occur. In such cases, you can return the product for a full refund. Please note that refund will be provided only after careful assessment. Feel free to contact the courier before submitting your request for a refund.

If you receive incorrect products other than your order, we will take full responsibility for this situation. You can either request for a refund or a replacement once you return the incorrect product.

Please feel free to contact our customer service for further assistance on any of these issues.

As a company, we fully comply with the Australian Consumer Protection Legislation, and therefore offer a full return refund within 14 days of purchase—providing you are able to submit a valid reason for your return.

Unopened products will be refunded in full, and your refund will be submitted through the same method of payment used at checkout. We are unable to refund items purchased in error, however, so please check your order thoroughly before completing. We are unable to refund postage costs.